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Voice Overs For Radio Imaging

Enhance your radio presence with captivating voice overs

Why choose us for your radio station?

Pre-screened, professional narration

At Voice Crafters, you’re guaranteed to find pro talent only. No need to sift through hundreds of amateur voice samples. You’ll find 100% vetted talent to record your radio imaging voice over!

Quick turnaround time

We know you have a tight deadline to meet. Most of our projects take from a few hours to just a day or so to complete. Be sure to let our talent know if you’re in a rush and they’ll do all they can to deliver in no time!

Voice overs in over 80 languages

Want to reach new audiences? At Voice Crafters, you’ll find pro talent in over 80 languages. Get quotes and auditions in any language you’re looking for.

Broadcast-quality voice recordings

Our voice actors can self-produce pristine-sounding audio. Want to direct a talent in real-time? Just schedule a time that works for you and connect via Zoom, Skype or Source Connect to ensure you get it right the first time!

Excellent customer support

Your success is our success, so we want to make your experience with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible, one project at a time. Contact us for support and we’ll do all that we can to make you a happy camper.

Our talent voiced for more brands
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You may think video killed the radio star but the truth is, radio is still one of the most popular forms of media today.

With stations vying for local and national listeners’ attention, it’s critical that your station develops its own on-air personality that is immediately recognizable—and loved—by the millions who are likely to tune in daily.

And how do you do that? Through radio imagining.

What is Radio Imaging?

Radio Imaging is the distinctive sound that helps audiences distinguish one station from another as they dial through the various channels. It’s a form of sonic branding.

Think of the bright jingles and bubbly voiceovers of a station targeting a youthful Gen Z demographic. If that station’s shows are spinning the latest songs in pop and rock then they’ll want the accompanying sounds to reflect that high energy and fast pace.

Compare that station to a classical music broadcaster, which is often aimed at older listeners or just intended to help you relax. Their promos and show intros would likely be relayed in voices that are calm and classy, inviting you through their very tone to kick back and chill out.

How it works?

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A further example of how radio imaging is used to match the overall personality of a radio station can be seen in the video below.

Here British news station LBC opts for dynamic and dramatic music courtesy of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to highlight the breaking news and serious discussions listeners can expect.

Radio Imaging Sound Effects

But music is just one of the elements used in sonic branding.

Most stations have a suite of different sound effects. The main ones are as below:


Every radio program begins with a short segment introducing or signing off from the show. These are often handled live by the DJ, but can also be pre-recorded so that listeners become accustomed to how different shows start and finish.


Radio jingles are short, simple slogans typically set to a catchy melody and stressing the station’s tagline or particular brand information.


Promos are clear, concise audio clips promoting a specific show that encourage listeners to tune in to that program. They’re generally not longer than 30 seconds.

Radio Sweeps

These are sound effects used as a way to transition between different radio segments. They may include the radio’s tagline or ID (i.e. the broadcaster’s unique call letters.)


These short voiceovers are used between shows or commercial breaks to act as a transition. They’re usually 5-1o seconds long.


A short sound effect that might be a word, cultural soundbite, or piece of music, stingers are usually used to emphasize something the DJ has said.

Reading this list, you might think it’ll be pretty easy to come up with this unique form of audio on your own.

But the fact is, to create memorable sonic branding that’ll make your radio station rise above the competition, you’re always better off turning to professional voice artists.

That’s because, top talent, such as those signed with Voice Crafters, understand how to interpret and bring together a radio broadcaster’s brand identity, target audience, and overall imaging strategy.

They know they have to do this to create a consistent sonic brand, whether they’re recording commercial bumpers or promos for the station’s flagship show.

What to Expect in Voice Overs for Radio Imaging

An expert voice actor brings specific characteristics to the table (or, more accurately, to the recording studio!) these include:


Whether they have to sound energetic, friendly, or serious, great voice talent will always be able to match their tone of voice with a radio station’s brand identity.

This helps create an overall “vibe” that’ll leave listeners in no doubt as to the kind of music, chat, and other content they can expect from this station.


It doesn’t matter whether a voice artist is delivering explosive stingers or cheerful jingles, their voice should still be clear and coherent.

Half-heard words and muffled sentences can create poor listening experiences—and that’s the last thing you want on radio!

More than that, if your radio imaging includes elements such as station IDs, call letters, and taglines, then the more clearly they’re delivered, the stronger your brand recognition will be.


The best VO actors know how to control timing and pacing so that intros, outros, and everything in between are expressed with the right rhythm and perfect impact. After all, words alone can’t convey a particular mood or tone. It takes specific vocal speeds and energy to signal whether what you’re saying is fun and exciting, or should be taken more seriously.


Expert VO artists don’t shy away from trying something new.

In the US alone, 93% of the adult population tunes into radio every week, while on 90% consume TV during the same period.

While this bodes well for your ability to grow your listenership, it also means you’ll have tough competition doing so.

That’s why using professional voice actors who are both competent and confident enough to suggest fresh ideas and try different creative approaches to developing a unique radio imaging for you is essential.

Find the Perfect Voice Over for Radio Imaging at Voice Crafters

Luckily, at Voice Crafters, we can help by introducing you to some of the best voice artists working in radio imaging today.

Our experts are all pre-screened, which means they go through a rigorous selection process to ensure they’ll meet the needs of our clients.

Furthermore, we offer studio-quality voiceovers in over 80 languages.

This gives you the unique opportunity to create sonic branding that fully engages with different communities tuning into your shows and others you’re hoping to reach.

Our simple three-step process also means you can find the perfect voice artists for your radio imaging project sooner rather than later.


Anat Kutner, Sunday Sky

Sunday Sky have been working with Voice Crafters since 2010. During all these years we have been getting the best service you can expect from a vendor. Our voice over requirements are more challenging than the average client, and voice crafters always rises to the occasion, in a professional, pleasant, organized manner. And you get all of this for a very fair price!

Andreas Seidler, MT.Recordings

We’ve been working with Voice Crafters since 2012 on various IVR, commercial and corporate projects. They have a huge database with excellent voice artists, are very professional and at fair rates. We are happy to know them and look forward to the next 5 years!

Audelia Boker, NICE

My team works with Voice Crafters on an on-going basis and it’s always a no-brainer experience! Professional. Fast. Flexible. Creative. Customer Centric. Good Value for money. What more can one ask for?!

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