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Voice Overs For The Automotive Industry

Rev up your marketing campaign
with irresistible voices

Why Voice Crafters for your Automotive Content?

Pre-screened, professional talent

We pre-screen all our voice talent to offer you the best of the best! You’ll never need to sift through hundreds of amateur demos here. Easily find and hire professional voice actors for your vehicle campaign!

Fast turnaround time

Time is money! We understand your content needs to be released to the world FAST! Most of our projects take from a few hours to just a day or so to complete. Be sure to let our talent know if you’re in a rush and they’ll do all they can to deliver in no time!

Voice overs in over 80 languages

Want to target your automotive content to foreign speakers? At Voice Crafters, you’ll find pro voiceover artists who are native in over 80 languages. Get quotes and auditions in any language you need and showcase your creative to your target audience.

Broadcast-quality voice recordings

Our voice actors can self-produce pristine-sounding audio. Want to direct a talent in real-time? Just schedule a time that works for you and connect via Source Connect, Zoom, or Skype to ensure you get it right the first time!

Excellent customer support

Your success is our success, so we want to make your experience with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible, one project at a time. Contact us for support and we’ll do all that we can to make you a happy camper.

The world’s top brands work with our voice talent


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Few people buy a car because “it’s blue”, “red”, or “has four wheels”.

A car is an expression of a person’s lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations.

Of course, if you work in the automotive industry, you’re 100% aware of this.

It’s why, when choosing voice actors for car commercials and other promotional materials, you’re always on the lookout for someone who not only serves up a spot-on representation of the brand but can also connect emotionally with the target market.

Family-Focused Familiarity

You may want an artist whose voice resonates with drivers seeking practicality, comfort, and safety.

Whether promoting hatchbacks or sedans, the VO must imply this is the right car for daily commutes or school runs.

warm, approachable baritone voice can exude the trust and reliability needed in this instance.

The friendly tone and familiar quality tend to connect with a broader audience.

Why? Because it reflects the day-to-day routine so many of us recognize, inspiring us to view the car as a practical solution to our daily needs.

Deep Voices for Daring Vehicles

On the other hand, deep masculine tones often highlight the powerful capability of an off-roading truck, SUV, or high-performance sports car, speaking directly to those drivers expecting durability, gutsiness, and a vehicle that will help them dominate the road.

 This kind of voiceover also strikes a chord with those seeking adventure.

Like the commercial below, it suggests a daring-do attitude, encouraging potential buyers to see themselves embarking on thrilling journeys or experiencing the exhilaration of driving across rugged terrain.

How it works?

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Get Free Proposals
Post your project or choose voice actors to audition and send you proposals.
Step 2
Hire Talent
Hire the voice talent of your choice and fund the project.
Step 3
Review and Release Payment
Approve the recording and release your payment to the talent when happy.
Find Voice Actors or Post a Project

Softer Tones for Sleeker Experiences

A softer, sultry voice can address the demographic whose preference is a high-end luxury vehicle.

Of course, we can still be talking about SUVs or sleek sports cars, sedans, or even premium family automobiles.

But there’s a subtle difference: A more sophisticated, elegant voice tends to emphasize craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and a top-quality driving experience.

And this speaks to those who see their lives as reflecting a certain style or touch of exclusivity that a premium car can encapsulate.

Voice Overs for all Aspects of an Automotive Marketing Campaign

 We get it.

At Voice Crafters, we understand that different skills and vocal traits are needed within the automotive industry.

And not just for online, radio, and TV commercials.

Effective marketing campaigns now also include dealer training materials, automotive explainer videos, social media promos, and much more.

Emotion-Driven to Informative

As such, VO scripts may range from those that are promotional and emotion-driven to content that’s much more informative and technical.

Either way, the skill to adapt to the tone and style of the specific message is a must.

Confidence with Technical Terminology

So too is the ability to easily handle automotive terminology and concepts.

The best voiceover artists can pronounce vehicle names, components, and specifications with accuracy and authenticity.

 They’re fully in the driving seat (so to speak!) when it comes to articulating complex car features or the particular elements of a promotion, and yet they still manage to convey the intended emotions.

Pacing and Timing

Whether delivering a voice over for an energetic car commercial or outlining the essential details to impart to customers in a dealership’s training video, controlling pace and timing is par for the course for expert voice talent.

The formats may require different approaches, but the end-results are always the same—communicating information in a clear, comprehensible, and utterly engaging way.

Find the Perfect Voice Over for the Automotive Industry with Voice Crafters

At Voice Crafters we’re proud that our proven talent can match the different niches of the automotive industry.

We only work with professional voice actors.

All of our artists are pre-screened, which means that they go through a rigorous selection process so that we can be fully confident they have the skills to deliver to your specific needs.

Furthermore, we offer studio-quality voice overs in over 80 languages.

This gives you the unique opportunity to create a commercial or promo in the native language of your desired demographic.

So, what are you waiting for?

We can help you today with your requirements for voice overs for the automotive industry.

Feel free to contact us with any queries you have or hit the road running and check out the extensive pool of professional voice talent at Voice Crafters for yourself.

Our simple three-step process makes it super easy for you to find the perfect voice artists for your automotive project.


Anat Kutner, Sunday Sky

Sunday Sky have been working with Voice Crafters since 2010. During all these years we have been getting the best service you can expect from a vendor. Our voice over requirements are more challenging than the average client, and voice crafters always rises to the occasion, in a professional, pleasant, organized manner. And you get all of this for a very fair price!

Andreas Seidler, MT.Recordings

We’ve been working with Voice Crafters since 2012 on various IVR, commercial and corporate projects. They have a huge database with excellent voice artists, are very professional and at fair rates. We are happy to know them and look forward to the next 5 years!

Audelia Boker, NICE

My team works with Voice Crafters on an on-going basis and it’s always a no-brainer experience! Professional. Fast. Flexible. Creative. Customer Centric. Good Value for money. What more can one ask for?!

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