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Voice Overs For Political Ads

Elevate Your Campaign with Impactful Political Ad Narrations

Why Voice Crafters for your Political Ads?

Pre-screened, professional talent

We pre-screen all our voice talent to offer you the best of the best! No need to sift through hundreds of amateur demos. You’ll easily find and hire professional voice actors for your upcoming political campaign!

Fast turnaround time

We know there’s little time to waste and tight deadlines to meet! Most of our projects take from a few hours to just a day or so to complete. Be sure to let our talent know if you’re in a rush and they’ll do all they can to deliver in no time!

Voice overs in over 80 languages

Reach every demographic in any language.
At Voice Crafters, you’ll find amazing voice artists in over 80 languages. Get quotes and auditions in any language you need to create an impactful voice over that speaks to your constituents.

Broadcast-quality voice recordings

Our voice actors can self-produce pristine-sounding audio. Want to direct a talent in real-time? Just schedule a time that works for you and connect via Source Connect, Zoom, or Skype to ensure you get it right the first time!

Excellent customer support

Your success is our success, so we want to make your experience with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible, one project at a time. Contact us for support and we’ll do all that we can to make you a happy camper.

The world’s top brands work with our voice talent


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Political ads and announcements play a crucial part in getting votes and shaping national and even global conversations. There’s a lot at stake and getting them right is a must.

That’s why the first step to this success is often the voice.

In representing a political party or organization in ads or announcements, you want a voice actor who reflects the overall brand image and values of the political party.

They need to be able to project credibility and confidence, conveying a variety of messages through TV or radio commercials, social media, or websites, that reassure and genuinely connect with the intended audiences.

This is not easy. It requires specific and highly specialized skills.

At Voice Crafters, you can be certain that our voice actors for political narration have those skills.

All our talent is pre-vetted to ensure their expertise. We have voice actors across different political genres and selected to reach audiences that span all sections of the electorate, targeting diverse ages, genders, ethnicities, and cultures.

In addition, our easy-to-use search page offers experienced native voice actors in over 80 languages, including American English, Hispanic, and many others, which are often not offered by other companies.

But what makes Voice Crafters the No. 1 choice for many clients looking for talent to support specific political candidates and campaigns, is that we know exactly what you need in a professional political voiceover.

Confidence and Credibility

The best political voice artists such as those at Voice Crafters can deliver content with confidence.

Investing time in understanding and, if necessary, researching the content, helps them to clearly and easily articulate any of the complex issues that might be present within the script.

They sound well-informed and certain of the subject matter, which helps to reinforce their trustworthiness and credibility.

A confident voice also commands attention and, as such, can ensure that critical campaign messages, party initiatives, or content of not-for-profit political organizations don’t get lost in the sea of information competing for viewers’ attention.

How it works?

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Step 1
Get Free Proposals
Post your project or choose voice actors to audition and send you proposals.
Step 2
Hire Talent
Hire the voice talent of your choice and fund the project.
Step 3
Review and Release Payment
Approve the recording and release your payment to the talent when happy.
Find Voice Actors or Post a Project

The Art of Persuasion

Another important element in top-notch political narration is the power of persuasion.

Persuasion is necessary for creating a connection with the audience and inspiring them to focus more fully on the ideas or individuals being advocated for in the content.

 But this is a skill that not everyone can master.

The most professional political narrators never sound smarmy or insincere. Instead, they speak with assurance and conviction, while at the same time conveying a genuine appreciation of the concerns and interests of their audience.

Being authentic without diminishing authority can be hugely effective in influencing the thoughts, emotions, and actions of any audience, and at Voice Crafters, we can help you find the perfect, persuasive voice talent for your particular needs.

Clarity and Consistency in Diction, Tone, and Style

Clarity in articulation, consistency in diction, and overall delivery style are also a must in political narration. This is not just to ensure that the message is heard (though, of course, that’s a given!)

A steady, well-modulated voice, both in terms of tone and pacing, can convey dependability, and even dedication to the idea or cause being discussed.

It can give the audience a sense that they’re in safe hands, something that’s particularly important when it comes to election campaigns.

This Future Forward USA Action’s 30-second TV commercial, ‘We Value Our Freedoms’ – voiced by our very own Doug T. demonstrates just that!

On the flip side, hesitancy, sharp vocal changes, or inconsistencies in pacing can make listeners uncomfortable and raise doubts about the narrator’s reliability.

Managing Emotions

Political content can be emotionally charged, and voice actors must be prepared to handle diverse sentiments in their narration.

Whether it’s conveying empathy, urgency, or determination, the ability to adapt to the emotional nuances of the script is crucial.

But it’s important to not let emotions override the message.

A skilled voice actor should be able to incorporate empathy and understanding into their delivery if the script calls for it, but still manage to maintain composure and professionalism.

In the below commercial for the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign, there is a subtle urgency to the voice, an emphasis on certain words that may help rouse pride and passion in those more likely to support the candidate’s issues or even vote for him.

But it never falls into hysteria or makes the message difficult to discern.


Of course, political narration may involve dealing with different types of content, from inspiring speeches to simple factual information.

At Voice Crafters’ we have many artists with a hugely versatile range.

Because they can adapt to different tones and styles, it means you may only need one actor even if you have a range of diverse scripts and communications.

So, how do you find the perfect voice talent for your political narration?

Whatever your specific needs, know that Voice Crafters are here to help you find the perfect voice actor.

Our simple three-step process that you can follow right now and be confident that you will find the best medical narrator for your project.


Anat Kutner, Sunday Sky

Sunday Sky have been working with Voice Crafters since 2010. During all these years we have been getting the best service you can expect from a vendor. Our voice over requirements are more challenging than the average client, and voice crafters always rises to the occasion, in a professional, pleasant, organized manner. And you get all of this for a very fair price!

Andreas Seidler, MT.Recordings

We’ve been working with Voice Crafters since 2012 on various IVR, commercial and corporate projects. They have a huge database with excellent voice artists, are very professional and at fair rates. We are happy to know them and look forward to the next 5 years!

Audelia Boker, NICE

My team works with Voice Crafters on an on-going basis and it’s always a no-brainer experience! Professional. Fast. Flexible. Creative. Customer Centric. Good Value for money. What more can one ask for?!

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