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FAQ’s and Tips

Question: How do I order a voice over?

Easy! Just follow these steps, or watch our short video:

  1. You can post a project and we’ll find awesome voice actors to send you proposals. Alternatively, you can find perfect voice actors for your project through our search page. Simply filter search results by selecting the language, gender, location, and type of voice over you are looking for.
    Listen to voice samples on the search page. For additional voice samples, just go to a voice actor’s profile page to listen / download samples in different categories.
  2. Once you find the right candidate/s, click “Get a quote now” to add the relevant talent to the quote form. Then, just follow the onscreen instructions and fill the relevant information about your project. You’ll quickly receive quotes from voice actors you selected straight to your inbox!
  3. After having received proposals for your new project, choose the talent you’d like to work with and fund the project. Your chosen voice actor will start recording immediately. You can follow the progress of the project and contact the voice actor directly from your dashboard.

Learn more on our How it works page.

Question: How much does a professional voice over cost?

At Voice Crafters, all our voice actors are pre-screened so you are guaranteed to work with an experienced professional.

Our rates start at $75 and can vary greatly from one talent to another, depending on their level of training and experience.

To learn more about how professional voice over rates are calculated, please visit our comprehensive guide.

To view actual prices for your project, visit our industry-standard voice over rates page.

Question: What is Voice Crafters' Fee?

Posting a project and inviting talent to audition and quote is FREE.

When you hire a voice actor, we charge a 10% fee from you, as well as 10% from the talent.

This allows us to work with talent without having to charge a monthly subscription fee to our platform.

Question: What currency are rates in?

All prices on the site are in US Dollars.

Question: Can I contact talent outside of Voice Crafters' platform?

We ask that you only communicate with our voice actors through our platform.

In cases where you would like to direct a voice actor remotely, via Source Connect / Zoom, Google Meet, etc. it’s okay to connect with the talent directly for the purpose of the voice recording – after you fund the project.

Note however that dealing financially with the talent directly means we would not be able to assist in case of a dispute.

To be on the safe side, use our system to issue payment, and only release funds only when you’re happy with the voice actor’s work

Question: How can I add a voice actor I found to a project I created?

In the PROJECT DETAILS tab, click the “Invite More Voice Actors” button.

You’ll be redirected to the search page.

From there, simply type in the name of the voice actor you wish to add in the search bar and click the “Get my quote now” next to them.

Then click the “Done! Request quotes” button.

The voice actor will be sent a request to submit a quote and will be automatically added to your project’s PROPOSALS section.

Question: Why should I pay a voice actor through Voice Crafters?

1. Security
When you pay through Voice Crafters, you are safe.
To start the project you pre-fund to Voice Crafters, and release payment to the provider when you are happy.
This enables the voice actors to start working, but you control when payment is released.

Our voice talents know you will be reviewing them at the end of a job paid through Voice Crafters and their reputation depends on it.

This gives them extra incentive to make sure you are happy.

2. Trust & Support
When you pay Voice Crafters, you have a trusted company with a reputation that helps with your project.

If something goes wrong in working with a provider or if you have a question, you have an address – we are here to help you. Contact us anytime here for help!

3. Convenience
With Voice Crafters, you can pay any provider with a credit card. Many remote providers can’t process credit cards.


Be safe. If someone offers to transact outside of Voice Crafters’ payment system, don’t agree and report them here.

Question: What is a typical turnaround time for an average voice recording

The length of the script, post-production tasks and the availability of the talent play a factor will typically determine the time it takes to record a voice over script.

However, most of our voice actors are very fast and an average voice recording can be turned around between 24-48 hours.

Be sure to communicate any time constraints you have with the voice actor so that you can agree on a timetable that works for both of you.


Question: What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment through PayPal and all major credit cards (via Stripe)

All payments, whether through Stripe or PayPal are performed and stored on the payment processor’s server, not ours – so you can rest assured that your information is safe.


Question: How do I add more funds to a project I have already funded?

Working with a voice actor on a project that you have already funded and need to add more funds because the project scope has changed?


Simply go to the “Proposals” page for that project and click the “Add Funds” button next to the voice actor’s proposal.


Question: I need to send the talent a large file. How do I do that?

Not a problem!

Our system supports sending attachments of up to 5GB.

You can use the Attachments button to browse and upload file/s or just drag and drop them to the MESSAGES area:


Client Message Text Area

Question: I received an email to "release funds". What does that mean?

When you hire a voice actor on our platform, you are asked to fund the project.

Once the project has been completed, you’ll be asked to release your payment to the voice actor.

You will receive several automated reminders to release the talent’s payment and possibly some messages from the voice actor as well.

If however, we don’t hear from you for 45 days after the project has been completed, we will assume you are happy with the job and release funds to the voice actor on your behalf.

Please visit our terms and conditions page for more information.


Question: I'm not happy with the recording. Now what?

We highly recommend to ask the voice actor to record a custom audition demo based on the script, so that you can get a good idea of what the final product will sound like before having to commit payment.

However, sometimes a voice actor you choose for a recording doesn’t deliver the way you’d like the audio to sound. It happens.

We also realize that sometimes it could be your client who changed their mind or simply decided to go in a different direction.

The industry’s standard practice in this case is that you only pay for the recording session fee and not the usage, as the voice recording would not be used.
It is possible to do so on our portal, and the voice actor would have to agree to initiate a partial refund for you.

If you’ve exhausted all options and cannot reach an agreement with the voice actor, please contact us to resolve the dispute.

Make sure you add the project ID and the words – “Dispute resolution needed” in the subject line.


Tip: Avoid disputes in advance.

Make sure you align your expectations with the voice actor before starting the project.

Ask how many revisions are included, what kind of pickups does the voice talent allow at no charge, and what tasks you’d need to pay extra for.

Ask the talent whether sound editing is included, and what is the charge for extra post-production work (like audio sync to picture, file splitting for e-learning, etc.) in case that is needed.

Tip: Help the voice actor understand your needs

Do you need a hard-sell pitch? Will this be a more informational voice over? Are you looking for an emotional read with a lot of pathos?

To make sure you get the best result, make sure you describe what kind of delivery you are looking for in as much detail as possible.

You can send links to reference materials and/or ask the the talent to reference a snippet in one of his demos that you really like – and think it would work well for your project. Anything you provide the talent will help them do a better job for you.


Tip: Formatting your script

Your script may include proprietary names, terms, abbreviations that may be obvious to you, but not to a voice actor who records 10 different types of scripts every day.

Therefore we encourage you to go over the text and add pronunciation guides to words that may prove difficult to pronounce. A recording on your smart phone can be an easy and effective way to help the voice talent get the terms right the first time.

We have outlined some important tips on how to format your text for voice over recording in this article. It’s designed to help you get your recording with minimal errors. You can also download script templates for your project.


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