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Voice Overs For Movie Trailers

Transport your audience to
cinematic wonder with epic voices

Why Voice Crafters for your Trailer?

Pre-screened, professional talent

We pre-screen all our voice talent to offer you the best of the best! You’ll never need to sift through hundreds of amateur demos here. Easily find and hire professional voice actors for your movie trailer!

Fast turnaround time

Time is money! We understand your content needs to be released to the world FAST! Most of our projects take from a few hours to just a day or so to complete. Be sure to let our talent know if you’re in a rush and they’ll do all they can to deliver in no time!

Voice overs in over 80 languages

Want to localize your trailer to other languages? At Voice Crafters, you’ll find native voiceover artists in over 80 languages. Break the language barrier and hire the perfect talent to showcase your trailer in any language!

Broadcast-quality voice recordings

Our voice actors can self-produce pristine-sounding audio. Want to direct the voice actor you hire in real-time? Just schedule a time that works for you and connect via Source Connect, Zoom, or Skype to ensure you get it right the first time!

Excellent customer support

Your success is our success, so we want to make your experience with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible, one project at a time. Contact us for support and we’ll do all that we can to make you a happy camper.

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In a world where Hollywood releases hundreds of new movie trailers a day, only one stands out…

And typically, it’s the one that has a voice over matching the mood and tone of the movie itself.

Whether it’s the deep or epic delivery of a VO for action dramas and blockbuster trailers, or the more natural and laid-back enunciation often heard in previews of indie movies, the right voice over is critical in capturing the attention and interest of your audience.

Of course, other equally important elements make a great voice over for movie trailers.

And if you’re currently creating a trailer, knowing what they are can be the difference between generating excitement and anticipation for your movie, and watching your film fall flat at the box office.

Because the truth is that while the film is the thing, its trailer is the sneak peek that can help drive interest, shape audience perception, and ultimately influence movie ticket sales.

Find the Perfect Voice Over for Movie Trailers at Voice Crafters

At Voice Crafters, we’re well aware of the specific skills needed for voice overs for movie trailers, and it’s why we only work with professional artists with proven ability to deliver quality work in this area or any of our other expert voice-over services.

We pre-screen all those on our books so that we can be sure they’re the real deal.

But considering we have an extensive global talent network offering VOs in over 80 native languages, how will you know who exactly to choose?

To help you figure that part out, here’s a breakdown of certain traits to look out for when choosing the voice over artist for your movie trailer.

How it works?

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Tone and Delivery

As we highlighted above, a great VO for movie trailers immediately matches the tone and mood, and therefore also the genre of the film.

In other words, there should be no question as to whether the viewer is about to get a taster of an up-and-coming horror flick, rom-com, or action movie.

Achieving this comes down to the voice artist’s vocal tones and delivery.

Both are essential in evoking the right emotions and setting the stage (so to speak) for the film to come.

For example, if you’re working on a suspense or horror movie, a voice over with a deep ominous tone would immediately convey these genres—and likely raise hairs on the back of the neck in the process!

For a lighter, romantic film, an upbeat or even more sensual style of voice would better signal what the film is about and, importantly, who it’s targeting.

Finally, delivering the script with an eye to employing the right variations in volume and pace helps maintain the mood and keep the audience engaged.


For years, the industry standard in VOs was set by the master of movie trailer recordings, Don LaFontaine.

His deep commanding voice and signature phrase, “In a world…” was hugely distinctive and became famous across the globe.

Many movie trailers today continue to use similar rich or raspy voice overs that signal a suspenseful, dramatic, or action-packed film.

The intensity and gravitas of this kind of voice create an immediate emotional connection with the target audience.

In doing so, it sets up their expectations regarding the experience they can expect when finally settling down to watch the full-length film.

Others, however, may look for a distinctive voice with a different kind of personality.

If your film is a comedy or fun animated movie, for example, a voice with a charismatic or cheeky tone may better reflect the movie’s spirit and resonate more easily with an audience up for a good time and a few laughs.

The voice of the great actor, Geoffrey Rush, who narrated the Minions movie, was also used in the film’s trailer and is a perfect example of a voice with a wonderfully playful personality.

Understanding how the personality of a voice can elicit the right emotional responses from your audience is essential when creating a trailer for your movie.


Whether fun and friendly or deep and intense, your movie trailer voice over must also exude the right type of energy.

For instance, a voice over for a trailer introducing an adrenaline-pumping fantasy or action blockbuster would typically be powerful and dynamic. As the trailer’s action careered across the screen, the VO would have to match it in urgency and excitement, capturing the thrills and spills of the film itself.

This, of course, would be so different from the voice over needed for a family-friendly comedy or a historical docudrama. In the latter, the energy would be more balanced though just as compelling, with a subdued intensity reflecting the significance of the historical events or figures being portrayed.

In all cases, the voice artist you engage must be able to grasp the kind of energy they need to bring to the recording so that they can draw in the right audience and create the kind of anticipation that makes those viewers immediately want to see more the second the movie trailer ends.


Of course, no amount of energy or personality will make up for confusing or incoherent narration.

That’s why it’s essential you ensure the voice talent you choose for your trailer has a clear delivery and precise enunciation.

If your trailer script is centered around conveying key details about the plot, characters, or settings, then it’s critical your audience actually gets to hear it, right?

But no matter the kind of voice actor you need for your movie trailer, the good news is you’ll find them all here at Voice Crafters.

Whatever your specific requirements, we can help you and our simple three-step process ensures you can find the right talent for your trailer ASAP.


Anat Kutner, Sunday Sky

Sunday Sky have been working with Voice Crafters since 2010. During all these years we have been getting the best service you can expect from a vendor. Our voice over requirements are more challenging than the average client, and voice crafters always rises to the occasion, in a professional, pleasant, organized manner. And you get all of this for a very fair price!

Andreas Seidler, MT.Recordings

We’ve been working with Voice Crafters since 2012 on various IVR, commercial and corporate projects. They have a huge database with excellent voice artists, are very professional and at fair rates. We are happy to know them and look forward to the next 5 years!

Audelia Boker, NICE

My team works with Voice Crafters on an on-going basis and it’s always a no-brainer experience! Professional. Fast. Flexible. Creative. Customer Centric. Good Value for money. What more can one ask for?!

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