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Voice Overs For Animation

Voice Over Magic
for Unforgettable Animated Experiences

Why Voice Crafters for your Animation?

Pre-screened, professional talent

We pre-screen our voice actors and offer you the best of the best! No need to sift through hundreds of amateur demos. You’ll easily find and hire professional voice actors for your animated content!

Fast turnaround time

We know that audio comes at the end of the video production process and that you have a tight deadline to meet! Most of our projects take from a few hours to just a day or so to complete. Be sure to let our talent know if you’re in a rush and they’ll do all they can to deliver in no time!

Voice overs in over 80 languages

Want to localize your animation and reach new markets? At Voice Crafters, you’ll find amazing voice artists in over 80 languages. Get quotes and auditions in any language you need and market your video anywhere in the world.

Broadcast-quality voice recordings

Our voice actors can self-produce pristine-sounding audio. Want to direct a talent in real-time? Just schedule a time that works for you and connect via Source Connect, Zoom, or Skype to ensure you get it right the first time!

Excellent customer support

Your success is our success, so we want to make your experience with us is as smooth and stress-free as possible, one project at a time. Contact us for support and we’ll do all that we can to make you a happy camper.

The world’s top brands work with our voice talent


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Whether it’s Daffy Duck’s saliva-spitting consonants or a wise-cracking 10-year-old entreating us to eat his shorts, the best voices in animation create wonderfully memorable characters.

And it’s not just because many have fun or offbeat catchphrases.

Most of us would recognize the specific vocal traits of our favorite cartoon characters quicker than we could say “What’s up, doc?”.

But while voice over animation may look fun (and it is!) it can be challenging.

The category itself is very broad, but the skillset needed is pretty exacting.

You’ll want a voice talent that boasts versatility.

You could be looking for an artist to breathe life into a guy-next-door type of character, with a pleasant baritone delivery, or someone with the sultry female sound of Jessica Rabbit. But either way, you won’t just want the one note.

The best voice artists in animation know how to overcome the challenge of interpreting specific characteristics through a singular voice.

They can master different tones and intonations, infuse real feelings into their lines, and present a fully-rounded and wholly believable character as a result.

At Voice Crafters, we only work with professional artists with proven ability to deliver quality work whether in animation or any of our other expert voice over services.

All our voice actors are pre-screened and go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that we can always deliver to your specific needs.

In animation, as with all other areas of voice work, we have professionals working across all languages from North American English to South American Spanish, and with another 80 languages in native recordings in between!

And so that we know our artists can deliver top-quality work all of the time, we look for specific skills in each and every one of our voice actors.

When it comes to VO animation, we know exactly what we need to ensure that your animation work—be that a cartoon, anime, feature film, or other format—boasts both magical and memorable voices.

How it works?

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Find Voice Actors or Post a Project


The best voice artists in animation are willing to take creative risks with their performances.

They may use exaggerated vocal elements to create a unique identity for the character, exploring a different tone, pitch, or pace to get the sound just right.

On the flip side, particularly if they’re working in the field of anime, they may be aware that a more natural, grounded voice applies to their particular character.

Then, the most skillful talent will look for the subtle nuances that they can hone in on to come up with a voice that has none of the usual bells and whistles associated with popular animation but still manages to captivate.


Creativity also needs continuity. That means that once a character’s voice has been created, the VO actor needs to be able to deliver the same performance consistently.

This is the measure of a real pro and is particularly important if the talent has been engaged for an ongoing animated series.

For example, Nancy Cartwright has been voicing Bart Simpson from the long-running TV show, The Simpsons, since 1989, even though she’s also voiced numerous other characters on that show and other shows along the way.

A voice becomes such a distinctive feature of a favorite animated character that if there’s even a slight change in tone or delivery, fans will definitely notice.


One of the most important qualities a voice actor needs for animation is expressiveness.

During a cartoon or an animated movie, characters tend to run the gamut of emotions from joy and sadness to anger and fear.

They need to be able to convey these feelings and all the grunts, groans, and gasps that come with them, in a way that is often larger than life but still convincing.

And while accomplished voice artists make this sound effortless, the truth is that it takes huge skill and energy.

Just listen to Hollywood actor Tom Hanks discuss his vocal work as the Toy Story character, “Woody” in this excerpt below.

It’s this ability to effectively evoke a wide range of recognizable emotions that can make the voice of an animated character resonate with the listening audience.

Character Alignment

Finally, great voice artists for animation know that the voice needs to align with the personality and peculiarities of the character.

An animated character can have distinctive qualities such as a unique accent, speech pattern, or specific type of tone (think Spongebob Squarepants’ bright, friendly tone).

But if these distinctions don’t fit with how that character appears in animation, it won’t just grate on the audiences’ ears, it’ll make it more difficult for them to believe in and connect with the character and their story.

We understand the importance of these qualities in voice over animation.

So whether you’re developing characters for your animated short or casting voice actors in foreign languages to dub your upcoming animated featureyou’ll find the perfect match here at Voice Crafters!


Anat Kutner, Sunday Sky

Sunday Sky have been working with Voice Crafters since 2010. During all these years we have been getting the best service you can expect from a vendor. Our voice over requirements are more challenging than the average client, and voice crafters always rises to the occasion, in a professional, pleasant, organized manner. And you get all of this for a very fair price!

Andreas Seidler, MT.Recordings

We’ve been working with Voice Crafters since 2012 on various IVR, commercial and corporate projects. They have a huge database with excellent voice artists, are very professional and at fair rates. We are happy to know them and look forward to the next 5 years!

Audelia Boker, NICE

My team works with Voice Crafters on an on-going basis and it’s always a no-brainer experience! Professional. Fast. Flexible. Creative. Customer Centric. Good Value for money. What more can one ask for?!

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