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Finding the Best Narrator For Your Next Commercial

Voice Crafters
Jul 31, 2020

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Voice Crafters
Jul 21, 2020
When to Use a British vs American Voice Over

What makes an ad truly memorable? There is a range of components that go into making a commercial great: it needs to tell a story, have a catchy jingle, and it ...

Voice Crafters
Jun 28, 2020
5 Questions to Ask a Voice Actor Before Recording

There are a lot of areas of creative work that require voice acting, so choosing the right person for the job is so important. If you’re creating a specia...

Voice Crafters
Feb 9, 2018
6 Skills to Look For in a Good Story-Telling Narrator

There are many elements to excellent writing: compelling characters, a strong sense of place and a thrilling story to name just three. However, without a good s...

Voice Crafters
Feb 4, 2018
How to Choose a Voice Talent to ROCK your Brand!

You can hear voice artists everywhere, in commercials, documentaries, e-learning courses, video games, even baseball stadiums. There's obviously no "one-size...

Voice Crafters
Dec 27, 2017
How to Format a Script for a Voice Over

You are almost done with your production journey, and the last leg to complete the post-production work is recording a voice over for your project. Given that m...

Voice Crafters
Dec 12, 2017
E-learning Voice Overs - Here's how to do it Correctly

E-learning is having something of a renaissance. In 1993, Internet speeds of 56.6 kbps over copper phone lines were as good as it got for most lucky modem owner...

Voice Crafters
Sep 12, 2016
How to Overcome Challenges in Elearning Narration

Narrating for e-learning modules can be a real headache for both the e-learning developer and the voice actor. Too often, e-learning professionals expect voice ...

Voice Crafters
Aug 18, 2016
10 Common Mistakes Voice Actors Make

Recently a veteran voice actor I work with quite a bit asked me if I could compile a list of mistakes that new voice actors make for a project he’s working on. ...

Voice Crafters
Dec 6, 2015
How a Memorable Voice-Over can Enhance Your Brand

Many people ignore the voice over acting in commercials and films; however, when performed correctly, a voice over can be memorable and enhance your brand. The ...

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