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The Incredible Evolution of Podcasts

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Jun 25, 2022

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Alex Mcomie 107x107
Jun 14, 2022
Different Accents in the United States

When you think about different kinds of English, your first thought is probably about the varieties spoken in different countries. For example, British English ...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Jun 6, 2022
How to Soundproof Your Home Studio

Home studios are a convenient and cost-effective way to record voiceover recordings. In today’s day and age, most professional voice actors record at the conven...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
May 26, 2022
10 Best Project Management Apps for Creatives

Working as a creative means having the opportunity to explore your passions and interests on your own terms. On the other hand, this can also make it difficult ...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
May 16, 2022
How to Submit Your Podcast to Apple, Google, and Spotify

Whether you’re building on an existing project or starting from scratch, creating a new podcast is a major step. Podcasts are a powerful way to engage with list...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
May 3, 2022
What Is Sonic Branding and How Can It Benefit Your Brand?

In 2022, companies in every field are looking for new ways to develop positive associations with their brand. With more competition than ever, it’s becoming inc...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Mar 22, 2022
7 Things Creative Directors Should Know Before Hiring a Production Company

Choosing a production company is one of the most important responsibilities of a creative director. The business you partner with will have far-reaching effects...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Mar 22, 2022
Why Are Super Bowl Commercials So Popular?

The Super Bowl is the culmination of the NFL season, and it’s the most popular TV event in the United States every year. Super Bowl XLIX in February 2015, which...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Mar 21, 2022
9 French Dialects from Around the World

French is spoken by a total of close to 500 million people, including nearly 300 million who speak it as their native language. Like English, however, French is...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Mar 16, 2022
Why Your B2B Marketing Needs More Video in 2022

B2B marketing requires a strong mix of different types of content, and video is among the most important elements. In fact, tech B2B buyers report that video is...

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