Music Services

Tailored Music Production

Do you have great visuals in need of the perfect audio counterpart ?
Music is a vital elements in any production because it sets the mood for the viewer.

At Voice Crafters we work with attentive and highly talented composers who can create that unforgettable soundtrack for your production.

Royalty-Free Music

On a budget? Fear not.

We will work with you to learn what exactly you’re looking for and come up with alternative stock production music tracks from some of the top royalty-free platforms on the web – all for you to choose from.

Music Editing and SFX

What do you do when your video is 5:00 long but the music piece you just bought from the stock music library is 6:25?

We will adapt the piece to match the exact length of your video, without compromising sound quality or the musicality of the piece.
Many times a video will use multiple tracks and they need to be laid in a way that is seamless and yet conveys a different feel when the visuals call for it.

We can also add sound effects that go way beyond the swishes and whooshes that are the norm nowadays (although we do that too!)

Mixing and Mastering

Do you want to take your song or demo to the next level ? Is your mix sounding dull or harsh ?

Whether you need a little fine tuning or a complete facelift, we can mix and master your creation and bring out the best of it.
We offer professional, label-grade mixing and mastering services for music and post production.

Have a listen to some of our work – before and after mix and mastering

Commercial track, written for our commercial sound library.

The first few bars were looped and used for an infomercial featuring actress Pamela Anderson.
Directed by David LaChapelle.

JCPays – Royalty-Free music by Voice Crafters.

This track was written and recorded by Mony Raanan for our client 2DLogic, as background music for an online slot machine game.

Westbound – Royalty-Free music by Voice Crafters

Commercial track, written for our commercial sound library.

Commercial track, written for our commercial sound library.

Recorded and mixed in Los Angeles CA.

Original music production by Mony Raanan.

Recorded by U-Turn in Tel Aviv, Israel

Mixed by Mony Raanan

This cover song production, originally by 80’s recording artist Allison Moyet, was reworked and performed by Hanien. It features trumpet virtuoso (Rahmlee) Michael Davis (Phoenix Horns, Earth Wind & Fire, and Phil Collins). Produced by Mony Raanan and Ido Sasson in Los Angeles, CA.

This song was written by Mony Raanan in Los Angeles CA., and performed by eye twenty.

Mixed in Los Angeles, CA. by Manu Tomas.

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