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Articles by Mony Raanan

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
Dec 15, 2023
How to Choose a Voice Talent to ROCK your Brand!

You can hear voice artists everywhere, in commercials, documentaries, e-learning courses, video games, even baseball stadiums. There's obviously no "one-size...

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
Nov 30, 2023
4 Ways to Overcome Challenges in E-learning Narration

Narrating for e-learning modules can be a real headache for both the e-learning developer and the voice actor. Too often, e-learning professionals expect voice ...

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
Nov 21, 2023
Avoid These 4 Mistakes in Video Localization

Your business owns a well-produced promotional video for its product or service, and now you’d like to venture into the international arena with multiple versio...

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
Nov 7, 2023
Enhancing Voice Overs with Mastering

In the world of voice over production, where the voice takes stage, every subtle nuance and inflection carries meaning. Amidst the stages of production, there e...

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
Sep 17, 2020
How to Format a Script for a Voice Over

How you submit a script for a voice over has a strong impact on the recording you'll receive. Following the steps in this quick guide will help ensure that the ...

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
May 25, 2014
Equalization – The Basics of Sound Shaping

Equalization is a process where the sound engineer increases (gains up) or decreases (gains down) signal levels of specific audio frequencies. Most of the sound...

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