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Afrikaans Voice Over Artists

Looking for professional Afrikaans voice actors? Don't go anywhere. We've got you covered! Browse voice samples below and invite voice talent to send you proposals.  Then hire your voice artist of choice and fund the project. Happy with the work? Release payment to the voice actor. Done! More our services and VO tips here.

Afrikaans Voice Over Artists

Need a professional Afrikaans voice over? Browse voice samples below and invite voice talent to send you proposals.  Then hire your voice artist of choice and fund the project. Happy with the work? Release payment to the voice actor. Done! More our services and VO tips here.

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Marinda B.
English (South African)
Marker South Africa

I am a bilingual native speaker of Afrikaans and have a very neutral English acc...

Price Tag My voice has been described as warm earthy sensual
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Nathan D.
Afrikaans Marker South Africa

My name is Nathan and I'm a professional Afrikaans voice over artist from South ...

Price Tag deep conversational professional
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Ian C.
English (South African)
Marker South Africa

I have had a passion for manipulating my vocal chords since I was 8 years old an...

Price Tag character voices versatile professional
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Step 1
Invite to Project
Listen to samples and invite voice actors to audition and quote for your project.
Step 2
Hire Talent
Hire your selected talent, fund project and communicate via our message board.
Step 3
Release Funds
Approve the recording and release funds for the talent when happy.

Our Afrikaans Voice Actors

From straight up narrative voice to voice acting – we have the talent to match your vision.

Whether you’re working on a:

or any other creative project, working with our voice talent ensures you get the best results.

Work directly with the voice talent through our system, or have us complete the project for you.

We’re experts in audio production and post production.

We can edit and sweeten your voice over as a standard service. We also provide additional services like sync to picture, subtitling, mixing, mastering and more!

If you’re looking for the perfect music bed to go with your video, check out our production music website for fresh, original music tracks.

Want to know the best part…?

We can even do some video editing so you don’t need to run through hoops to get the complete product.

Take a listen to our Afrikaans voice over pros and contact us today if you need any help or consultation. We’re here to help your production reach its full potential!


Afrikaans voice overs: what you need to know

Afrikaans is a West Germanic language with around 7.2 million native speakers. Afrikaans is mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia.

However, you can find Afrikaans speakers all over the world, including the US and Australia. It’s estimated that about 10 million people speak it as a second language.

LightbulbDid you know:

Afrikaans is thought to be the youngest official language in the world. It was officially declared a separate language only in 1925. Until then, it was considered to be a Dutch dialect.

Language History

Compared to other well-known languages, Afrikaans is a very recent one. It originated during the 18th century in Southern Africa when Dutch colonists started settling there. Naturally, the Dutch brought their own native language with them.

During the years, spoken Dutch transformed quite a bit in Southern Africa. In fact, it changed so much that it slowly became recognized as a completely different language.

At that time, Afrikaans was called “kitchen Dutch” – a language that was only spoken by uneducated people.

Close Relations

Afrikaans is very closely related to its parent language – Dutch. In fact, 90-95% of Afrikaans vocabulary is actually borrowed from Dutch!

There are very few differences in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure between Dutch and Afrikaans. Because of these similarities, the two languages are considered to be highly mutually intelligible, especially in writing.

English has numerous words that are of Afrikaans origin. Most of these words are used to describe African nature and fauna (for example, boomslang) or social landscape (apartheid).

LightbulbDid you know:

Although Afrikaans is based on Dutch, it was influenced by a wide variety of other languages, too. Words of French, Portuguese, German, and Malay origin are quite common in Afrikaans.

Accents and Voice Over Tips

Standard Afrikaans is the standardized and official variation of the language. It’s used in education, media, and everyday life. However, regional varieties of Afrikaans also exist.

In addition to Standard Afrikaans, three other dialects are distinguished: Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Eastern Cape. However, standardized language form is used much more widely.

When working on an Afrikaans voice-over, it’s important to note that Afrikaans is a highly phonemic language – it’s spoken as it’s written. Phonemic languages are much easier to master for non-native speakers as tone doesn’t change the meaning of words.

It’s important to think about what kind of accent should be used when working on an Afrikaans recording. Normally, the standardized dialect and pronunciation should be the right choice when it comes to Afrikaans.

However, make sure you’re aware of your target audience – maybe a regional variety would be more suitable?

Words per minute

Just like with all languages, the pace of spoken Afrikaans highly depends on the context. Recording a training video? Slow down. Working on a promotional video? You can speed things up. The listener should always dictate the tempo of spoken speech.


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