Explainer videos are being used more and more as a way of introducing a product or service that the company wants to market to the public. Voice overs for explainer videos done right can really encourage your target audience to use your product.

They are typically short and they feature animations and voice-overs, combining the two to quickly convey what is so great about their new offering.

Explainer videos are also a part of the marketing funnel.

They can sit on your website, social media pages, or embedded in marketing emails to demonstrate to potential customers how you can solve their problems.

They work like advertising, but with less of the hard sell aspect, and if the quality and creativity of the animation is up to scratch, they may even be shared widely.

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Take this example from Mint.

Its proposition is clearly and simply stated: “The best free way to manage your money,” .

The video does a great job of explaining what the service offers without going into too much detail.

At this stage, a lot of depth would most likely turn viewers off, because what they are looking for is some key takeaways as they explore.

The chosen voice works well because it combines the kind of low resonance that people naturally associate with trustworthiness (current research suggests that we are probably programmed to select our leaders based on the depth of their voices)  with clarity and great command of tone.

The script cleverly begins with a question designed to draw the viewer on.

“How do you keep track of your financial life?”

Then goes on to suggest, “Statements? Spreadsheets? Scribbles? It’s time for something better, something easier, something smarter.”

Questions are great because they make viewers (hopefully) stick around for those answers.

The choice of words here is worth paying attention to if you will be writing your own explainer video.

The script is short, and every word is made to count. Each word has to carry its own weight, and if the same thing can be said with one word instead of five, then one word is used.

It’s a tight script that is punchy, doesn’t waste the viewer’s time, and makes its point clearly.

The phrase, “…empowers you to take charge of your financial life,” says it much better than, “Lets you control all of your different accounts,” for example.

“Empowers” and “take charge” are attention grabbing, and these are the kinds of words you should be aiming for.

If you are hiring a copywriter, then now you know what kind of words you should be looking for.

The structure of this short video is efficient, because it works by:

  1. raising the question.
  2. stating the problem
  3. introducing the answer, and
  4. explaining all the benefits.

Simplicity, convenience, practicality, portability, and security are all touched upon, one at a time.

The animations show visual cues, such as spreadsheets and bank statements, while the narration gives an overview of what’s going on.

The wrap-up at the end includes a subtle call to action, “Sign up and get started with Mint in less than five minutes,” and it is quite clever the way that a statement about “the future” is dropped in just before the end.

That sense of looking forward makes signing up seem almost inevitable.

This well thought out and well executed explainer video achieves a lot in only one and a half minutes, and probably delivers better value for the company than if it had spent a lot more on a thirty second TV commercial.

Watch explainer video voice over samples

Explainer video voice over for Clicktale Experience Cloud

The voice over for Clicktale’s amazing conversion analytics product was recorded by Karen C.

Karen has been recording professional voice overs for over a decade and worked on some very big projects over the years.

She has been with Voice Crafters for some time and we’ve been very happy with her delivery.

Visit Karen’s voice over profile right here.

Animated Explainer video voice over for Funnster

This fun animated explainer video for Funnster was recorded by Andy M.

Andy is a seasoned professional who’s been in the radio/voice over business since 1997.

If you’re looking for a seasoned professional with a youthful voice, Andy is your guy! He can do also some character voices and his work has been heard all over the world.

Find Andy’s voice over profile right here.

Castilian Spanish voice over for ShoreTel Connect explainer video

This explainer video for ShoreTel Connect is a Castilian Spanish-localized version of the American English original “A Day in the Life”.

In this project, we were responsible for the voice overs in Chinese, German, Spanish and we also performed the sync, mix and some sound effects.

The voice talents who recorded all parts in this video are Megui C. and Alfonso R.


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