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Hire Official Voice Actors For Your Project

Hire Official Voice Actors For Your Project

Orri D.
Top Rated 24h Delivery

My name is Orri, a professional voiceover performer, voice director and audio engineer. Native Hebrew speaker,...

Calm Trustworthy Official
Tim P.
English (American)
United States
local time

With childhood heroes like Captain America and Mel Blanc, and a list of credits that reads like a Choose Your ...

Assured Articulate Educated
Starting at $76
Slava T.
local time

I do projects such as corporate e-trainings, webinars, video localizations including synchronization, videogam...

Official Trustworthy Young
Starting at $100
Sergio L.
Spanish (Latin American)
United States
local time
Top Rated 24h Delivery

Hi, my name is Sergio, and I’m THE Spanish and English VO that agencies, companies, and creative directors rea...

Warm Empathic Approachable
Edwin M.
local time
Good Value

I've been an actor for 16 years, and throughout my career I've had the opportunity to take part in radio and T...

Reassuring Exciting Mystical
Starting at $75
Suzanne M.
English (American)
United States
local time

My name is Suzanne and I’m a professional English voice actor. I’m a real person and an engaging storyteller, ...

Conversational Trustworthy Warm
Starting at $100
Anoop C.
English (Indian)
local time
Top Rated Good Value

My name is Anoop and I’m a professional English and Hindi voice actor .I have a pleasant guy next door voice w...

Natural Friendly Soft
Starting at $75
Josema V.

My name is Josema and I would love to work with you. As an active Announcer I have worked for Citroën or the S...

Conversational Dramatic Dynamic
Step 1
Invite to Project
Listen to samples and invite voice actors to audition and quote for your project.
Step 2
Hire Talent
Hire your selected talent, fund project and communicate via our message board.
Step 3
Release Funds
Approve the recording and release funds for the talent when happy.

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