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How to overcome challenges in e-learning narration

12 Sep

Narrating for e-learning modules can be a real headache for both the e-learning developer and the voice actor. Too often, e-learning professionals expect voice talents to “get it” and record as per their expectations without proper communication in advance.[...]

10 Common Mistakes Voice Actors Make

18 Aug

Recently a veteran voice actor I work with quite a bit asked me if I could compile a list of mistakes that new voice actors make for a project he’s working on. As an agent representing over 700 voice over artists – some experienced and some, not so much…it didn’t take long before I was able to compile a quick list off the top of my head. If you’re an up-and-coming talent and even if you’re not – I think (and hope) you’ll […][...]

How a Memorable Voice-Over can Enhance Your Brand

woman next to microphone
06 Dec

Many people ignore the voice over acting in commercials and films; however, when performed correctly, a voice over can be memorable and enhance your brand. The first task is to create memorable voice-over work. The key to memorable voice over work is finding the right match of demographic and voice. To find the perfect speaker for your audience, ask yourself what is the age, ethnicity, and location of your demographic. Once you have figured out your demographic, it is easy to find the right voice to speak to it. [...]

Skills to Look for in a Good Story-Telling Narrator

13 Oct

any things can make a good audiobook, excellent writing, compelling characters, or a thrilling story. Without a narrator to tie all of these elements together, a book can fall flat. A great narrator can cause the reader to lose themselves in the story while sub-par narration forces someone to stop reading the book altogether. These are the qualities needed by a story-telling narrator to create a satisfying audiobook experience for the listener: [...]

How to Format your Script for a Voice Recording

voice artist smiling next to a microphone
03 Feb

You are almost done with your production journey, and the last leg to complete the post-production work is recording a voice over for your project. Given that most voice overs are recorded at the very end of the production chain, the deadlines are tight and the margin of error is small. That being the case, we would like to address the steps to take when submitting scripts to us. Following these steps carefully will help minimizing errors, back-and-forth recordings and unnecessary delays. [...]

Equalization – The Basics

25 May

Equalization is a process where the sound engineer increases (gains up) or decreases (gains down) signal levels of specific audio frequencies. Most of the sounds we hear are complex, meaning they contain audio signals at many different frequencies. Since adjusting frequency levels requires a specialized tool, the EQ (short for Equalization) was created. The human ear can generally hear sounds ranging from 20 Hz. to 20 kHz. Of course, as we grow older, our hearing ability diminishes, and this audio frequency range shrinks as well. [...]

Video Localization – Four Pitfalls to Avoid

video localization
20 Feb

Your business owns a well-produced promotional video for its product or service, and now you’d like to venture into the international arena with multiple versions in different languages. Video localization - the process of adapting a video in one language (i.e. "source") - to other languages (i.e. "target/s"), is a process with pitfalls you should strive to avoid – so the end product will look as polished as the original. A successfully localized video is actually appears to have been developed within the local culture. [...]

The Importance of Mastering

the importance of mastering
04 Nov

Mastering, sometimes mistaken for mixing, is the audio step that comes just before releasing the final product, and is the critical, and final creative step in the process of making an audio recording. The mastering process is an art form that uses special, high-quality audio gear in conjunction with one or more sets of critical ears to help you attain the particular sound and “feel” that you want. In addition to the concept of capturing the pure artistry of a production onto hard disk, CD or other medium, one of the many goals during the course of recording a project is the idea [...]

Choosing a Voice Talent that is Right for You

choosing a talent that's right for you
31 Oct

A voice over, often abbreviated VO in script notation, is a narrative technique in which an unseen actor's lines are heard over visual elements in a movie or commercial. The narrator of a documentary or the announcer introducing a talk show host would be considered a voice-over artist. Not all voice talents are created equal. Thus, anyone considering hiring someone as their vocal talent should consider exactly their own needs. One type of voiceover production may require a commercial “TV promo” voice, while another may require more theatrical skills. [...]