qualities of a great story-telling-narrator-man-sits-on-chair
6 Skills to Look For in a Good Story-Telling Narrator
By Voice Crafters
Feb 9, 2018

There are many elements to excellent writing: compelling characters, a strong sense of place and a thrilling story to na...

choose a voice over for your brand - male voice talent with microphone
How to Choose a Voice Talent to ROCK your Brand!
By Voice Crafters
Feb 4, 2018

You can hear voice artists everywhere, in commercials, documentaries, e-learning courses, video games, even baseball sta...

How to Format a Script for your Voice Recording Project Voice Crafters
How to Format a Script for a Voice Over
By Voice Crafters
Dec 27, 2017

You are almost done with your production journey, and the last leg to complete the post-production work is recording a v...

E-learning Voice Overs - Here's how to do it Correctly
By Voice Crafters
Dec 12, 2017

E-learning is having something of a renaissance. In 1993, Internet speeds of 56.6 kbps over copper phone lines were as g...

How to Overcome Challenges in Elearning Narration - Two men going over sketches
How to Overcome Challenges in Elearning Narration
By Voice Crafters
Sep 12, 2016

Narrating for e-learning modules can be a real headache for both the e-learning developer and the voice actor. Too often...

ten mistakes voice actors make
10 Common Mistakes Voice Actors Make
By Voice Crafters
Aug 18, 2016

Recently a veteran voice actor I work with quite a bit asked me if I could compile a list of mistakes that new voice act...

How a Memorable Voice-Over can Enhance Your Brand
By Voice Crafters
Dec 6, 2015

Many people ignore the voice over acting in commercials and films; however, when performed correctly, a voice over can b...

Equalization Basics of Sound Shaping voice crafters
Equalization – The Basics of Sound Shaping
By Voice Crafters
May 25, 2014

Equalization is a process where the sound engineer increases (gains up) or decreases (gains down) signal levels of speci...

Video Localization Four Pitfalls to Avoid Voice Crafters
Video Localization – Four Pitfalls to Avoid
By Voice Crafters
Feb 20, 2014

Your business owns a well-produced promotional video for its product or service, and now you’d like to venture into the ...