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Hire Top Danish Voice Over Artists

Velkommen! Hiring a Danish voice actor for your project? Our voice artists are trained professionals who can deliver broadcast-quality audio for you. Fast! Just listen to voice samples below and invite voice actors to quote. You'll quickly get proposals in your inbox. Then hire your favorite talent and fund the project. Release your payment to them when happy with the result. Learn more →

Hire Top Danish Voice Over Artists

Velkommen! Hiring a Danish voice actor for your project? Just listen to voice samples below and invite voice actors to quote. You'll quickly get proposals in your inbox. Then hire your favorite talent and fund the project. Release your payment to them when happy with the result. Learn more →

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Diana Lillianna A.
Top Rated Premium Talent

One of the most frequently used female Danish voices. Very experienced and easy to work with Danish voice over...

Soft Authentic Corporate
Starting at $200
Thomas L.
Top Rated

Danish actor, singer and voice actor based in Paris France. More than 15 years of experience in voice work, vo...

Deep Voice Warm Calming
Starting at $120
Grete T.
24h Delivery Premium Talent

Doing VO since 1992. I do corporate website presentations, commercials, cartoons, audio books, e-learning, IVR...

Warm To-the-point Trustworthy
Starting at $220
Lasse H.

Thank you so much for stopping by my profile. I’ve been a professional, Danish male voice talent for over 15 y...

Trustworthy Smiling Warm
Starting at $100
Florian F.
24h Delivery

Danish voiceover and radio host with over 35 years of experience. The language is danish with no dialects. Yes...

Middle to deep
Starting at $100
Henrik S.
Premium Talent

Warm and trustworthy to upbeat and crazy. EXCELLENT for corporate and commercial projects . Hi. My name is Hen...

Warm Conversational Friendly
Starting at $299
Christina B.

Top professional Voice Over Talent and Actress in Danish and English delivering the highest sound quality reco...

Natural Engaging TV
Andreas S.

High quality voice with all kinds of voice characteristics …such as Warm, Deep, Mature, Natural speech, Persua...

Warm Deep Mature
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Danish voice overs: what you need to know

Danish is a North Germanic language with around 5.4 million native speakers. Most of the  Danish speaking population resides in Denmark and Greenland – with the latter having around 15-20% of its population adopted Danish as their first language.

There are Danish-speaking communities Scandinavia (most prominently in Norway and Sweden) with smaller pools all over the European Union.

Language History

Danish dates back to the Viking Era – it’s a descendant of the Old Norse language. It comes from the East Norse dialect group, classified as “mainland Scandinavian” alongside Swedish and Norwegian. Danish language history is split into three periods: Runic Danish, Old/Middle Dialect, Early Modern Danish, and Standardized Danish.

Danish officially accepted the High Copenhagenian dialect in the mid 20th century, making it the national broadcaster’s official dialect, slowly pushing out the other standards. This Copenhagen Dialect was initially developed in the 17th century, thanks to the growing popularity of the printing press.

Did you know:

Danish added a new letter – å –  to its alphabet in 1948. Before then, the double ‘aa’ was used instead. However, the new addition to the alphabet didn’t make ‘aa’ completely absent as it’s still used today in some words.

Close Relations

Danish being part of the North Germanic language family is closely related to Swedish and Norwegian, as they all derive from Old Norse.

In fact, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are mutually intelligible. The speakers of all three languages can understand each other.

Additionally, Danish was widely spoken in Northeast England, where some words derived from Norse are still used. This is most common around Yorkshire, thanks to the Jorvik settlement which was established by the Danish Vikings.

Meanwhile, from the Middle Ages, Danish began borrowing many words from Low German, otherwise known as the Low Saxon language. This accelerated the prominent change that set Danish apart from Swedish and Norwegian languages.

Accents and Voice Over Tips

Danish is divided into four main dialects: Standard Danish, Insular Danish, Jutlandic, and Bornholmian. The latter three are all different from the standard in phonology, vocabulary, and grammar.

When it comes to the Danish dialects, the most popular one is Standard Danish. The standard language variation is preferred by most companies, government agencies, news broadcasters, and other institutions. Unless you’re recording a very specific voice over, using the official Danish variation will be the right choice.

Did you know:

When speaking Danish, you can make words up as you go along! Similarly to German or Dutch, this language uses compounding extensively – that means there’s an almost endless list of words you can come up with.

When recording Danish voice over, be aware of the very subtle difference coming from its massive vowel inventory. Keep in mind that when recording informal speech there is a big reduction of final consonants and unstressed syllables.

Additionally, many vowels form diphthongs – gliding vowels which change the pronunciation of the two elements making it up.



Danish Voice Over Projects

Danish voice over for Dansk 777 TV Commercial

The voice over for this Dansk 777 commercial was recorded by Grete T.
Grete has over 25 years of professional VO experience.

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