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If you're looking for the perfect British voice - you've come to the right place! Voice Crafters represents some of the finest native British English voice over artists on the planet!

Whether you're looking for an Oxford accent, Cockney, Midlands, Geordie - we have them all!

Find the perfect narrator for your next animated explainer video, TV commercial, or e-learning module. Whatever the project - we have you covered!

We will always send you the audio after cleaning it up from noise, breaths and we will sweeten it to sound pristine and ready to be broadcast to the world!

And that's not all...

If you require additional post-production services like sync to picture, sound effects and mixing, we can do that for you at prices that won't shrink your wallet. We can also embed subtitling and render your audio and/or video to any format!

Have a listen to the voice actors below and find your match through our search function. You can also fine-tune your results by adding specific voice traits like "reassuring", "firm", "sexy"  in the search bar to find exactly what you're looking for.

And of course, you can also contact us for more help and recommendations!

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Jill K. - professional English (British) voice over talent at Voice Crafters
Jill K.

English (British)
United Kingdom

Cool, bright, warm, friendly, husky, informative, contemporary, her tones are original with a classy...

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Sam H. - professional English (British) voice over talent at Voice Crafters
Sam H.

English (British)
United Kingdom

I am a professional British, male voice over with a wide range of experience on projects of all kind...

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Sarah S. - professional English (British) voice over talent at Voice Crafters
Sarah S.

English (British)
United Kingdom

I’m a Professional British Female Voiceover with over 10 years experience in the industry, and my ow...

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Janine M. - professional English (British) voice over talent at Voice Crafters
Janine M.

English (British)
United Kingdom

I have 2 years experience in the voiceover industry, voicing TV commercials, explainers and IVR. My ...

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British English voice over - British public phone booth
A Brief Background of the British English Language

British English, sometimes referred to as the Queen's English, is the common dialect throughout the United Kingdom and the British Isles.

This includes the countries of Scotland, Wales, Great Britain, and parts of Ireland. British English is the forerunner of all other forms of English, from American English to Australian English.

British English is an Anglo-Saxon language which is a member of the Germanic linguistic family.

Many different dialects of British English exist throughout all of the United Kingdom. What influences these dialects is actually the region from which they originate as opposed to culture.

English English, which is the alliterative term referring to the English spoken in England, is different from the English language you'll hear in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, or other areas.

One of the greatest differences between the dialects is the slang terms people use on a regular basis.

A majority of the time, the British English you'll hear in commercials, politics and formal educational settings is the Received Pronunciation form. It is also known as the standard accent of English as spoken in the south of England. However, natives speak it throughout England and Wales.

Non-native English speakers seeking to learn the language commonly do so using the Received Pronunciation form.

Voice Crafters' team of native British voice actors are ready to record your script and bring your vision to life. Contact us today!

English (British) Voice Over Projects
British voice over for Eilat - vacation ad

The voice over for this cool travel ad was recorded by the very talented Sarah S.

Sarah possess a current, relatable, on-trend voice, that is bright, clear, informative and engaging. Sarah specialise in ‘conversational’ and Commercial voiceovers, for projects that require both a personal and sales driven approach.

Visit Sarah’s profile here.

British English voice over for eToro

This comical voice over was recorded by veteran British voice over artist Paul D.

Paul is a British voice actor with over 20 years’ experience.

Paul’s turnaround is very fast, usually within a day and if the project is urgent, he can usually supply the audio within the hour.

Visit Paul’s profile here.

British English voice over for 888 Poker

This energetic hard-sell voice over performance was recorded by Jay B.
Jay is a young voice over artist who has voiced hundreds of voice overs for the video gaming industry and is very versatile.

Visit Jay’s voice over profile here.

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