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Confidence Voice Actors

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Luz A.
Spanish (Latin American)

Las personas dicen que mi voz transmite paz, calma, confianza. Mi timbre de voz ...

Warm Conversational Sincere
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Somaya E.

Somaya is an Arabic voice over artist based in Egypt and specialize in Video nar...

Natural Friendly Dramatic
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Gokmen B.

I'm a turkish voiceover talent from Turkey. I've been recorded thousands projec...

Confidence Trustful Energetic
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Sara Q.

My name is Sara. I am a Spanish voice actress. I started working as a voice tale...

Enthusiastic Warm Positive
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Carlos P.
Spanish (Mexican)

I’m a voice actor with over 15 years of experience doing radio host, commercials...

Natural Versatil Boy next door
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Neil G.
English (British)
English (Scottish)
United Kingdom

I have a noticeable, powerful, sultry male voice with a distinctive British acce...

Friendly Happy Bright
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Jason W.
Chinese (Mandarin)

I have extensive experience 17 years of recording for radio and television comme...

Turstworthly Professional Friendly
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Jhoana N.
Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish (Mexican)
United States

Every time I am asked to say something about my self, I remember the “Anger Mana...

Conversational Commercial Narration
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Step 1
Invite to Project
Listen to samples and invite voice actors to audition and quote for your project.
Step 2
Hire Talent
Hire your selected talent, fund project and communicate via our message board.
Step 3
Release Funds
Approve the recording and release funds for the talent when happy.

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