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Smile Voice Actors

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Johfrah L.

My voice sounds warm, friendly, reassuring and deep. Also happy, young, fresh, n...

Warm Friendly Reassuring
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Rodrigo G.
Portuguese (Brazilian)

Hi! My name is Rodrigo and I am a professional Brazilian voice actor. As an acto...

Articulate Authentic Bilingual
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Serge D.
English (International)

Hi there, it’s great to meet you! I’m the Global English voice talent that you’l...

Authentic Young Warm
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Lawrence T. L.
English (American)
United States

With a unique, hip, and modern voice, I bring my easy-going approach to your cop...

Confident Cool Hip
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Step 1
Invite to Project
Listen to samples and invite voice actors to audition and quote for your project.
Step 2
Hire Talent
Hire your selected talent, fund project and communicate via our message board.
Step 3
Release Funds
Approve the recording and release funds for the talent when happy.

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