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Voice Crafters' Blog

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Mar 21, 2022
9 French Dialects from Around the World

French is spoken by a total of close to 500 million people, including nearly 300 million who speak it as their native language. Like English, however, French is...

Feb 4, 2022
The Impact Of Voice Assistants On Consumer Behavior

Today, voice assistants can do almost anything. They can tell you the weather for the coming week, the soccer scores from last week’s game, and even why the sky...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Nov 3, 2021
The Best Voice Over Software for 2022

If you’re looking to record professional-quality voice overs, your vocal talent is just one piece of the puzzle. A typical voice recording setup includes soundp...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Aug 23, 2021
6 Tips for Directing Voiceover Talent

Whether you’re working with voiceover talent for the first time or the hundredth, your relationship with the actor will have a major effect on the final p...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Jul 7, 2021
The Characteristics of Voice Over

While every voiceover is itself a recording of someone speaking, not every recording that includes speech is necessarily a voiceover. Furthermore, the category ...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Dec 17, 2020
How to Write Killer Commercial Scripts

The average American consumer comes into contacts with thousands of ads every day,  making it more and more difficult for brands to stand out from the competiti...

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
Sep 17, 2020
How to Format a Script for a Voice Over

How you submit a script for a voice over has a strong impact on the recording you'll receive. Following the steps in this quick guide will help ensure that the ...

Alex Mcomie 107x107
Sep 2, 2020
What Is Voice Over? What do Voice Actors do?

You might think of “voice over” as another term for “voice recording,” but the truth is that not all voice recordings are considered voice overs. Voice overs ca...

Mony Black Shirt 107x107
Aug 22, 2020
7 Things to Do When Seeking a Professional Voice Over

If you’ve never worked with voice actors before, you may not know where to start. Where do you find a voice actor? How much will a professional voice over cost?...

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