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Video Localization – Four Pitfalls to Avoid

Video Localization Four Pitfalls to Avoid Voice Crafters
By Voice Crafters
Feb 20, 2014

.Your business owns a well-produced promotional video for its product or service, and now you’d like to venture into the international arena with multiple versions in different languages. Video localization – the process of adapting a video in one language (i.e. “source”) – to other languages (i.e. “target/s”), is a process with pitfalls you should strive to avoid – so the end product will look as polished as the original. A successfully localized video is actually appears to have been developed within the local culture.

  1.  Dubbing vs. Subtitles – First, you should research the generally accepted localization method in the country you are marketing to. Are foreign films typically dubbed or subtitled?
  2.  Translating the message – A hard-sell approach that may work well in one market, may have an adverse effect in another, for example. Therefore the translator must be well immersed in the target county’s culture, and understand the text very well to perform his job accurately.
  3.  The word count – The word count in the target language should be as close as possible to the source language – preferably in each paragraph or section of the text. Assuming the original video cannot be altered, a translation that doesn’t follow this guideline may result in a voice over that would need to be sped up to an unnatural pace to match the visuals, or on the flip side – to unnatural pauses from one scene to the next. Both outcomes reflect poorly on the finished product.
  4.  Finding the right talent for the job – As with all projects, finding a talent that conveys the message you originally envisioned is vital. Do you own a family business looking for a voice that is warm and familiar? Are you promoting a high-tech product in need of an energetic, yet informational-style voice over? These are questions you should ask yourself before engaging your project.

Voice Crafters has a huge, ever-growing pool of professional voice talents. We specialize in video localization, and are ready to help you grow your business internationally. Contact us today!


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