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Hire Top African English Voice Over Artists

Need to hire a professional African English voice actor for your upcoming project? You've come to the right place! Listen to samples and invite our voice artists to send you proposals. Then, hire your talent of choice and fund the project. Your payment will be held securely until the project is complete.  Once you approve your audio files, release your payment to the talent. Done! Learn more →

Hire Top African English Voice Over Artists

Need to hire a professional African English voice actor for your upcoming project? Listen to samples and invite our voice artists to send you proposals. Then, hire your talent of choice and fund the project. Your payment will be held securely until the project is complete.  Once you approve your audio files, release your payment to the talent. Done! Learn more →

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Joy O.
English (African)

My voice is often described as ” warm, soft, sweet, and sensual”. But then again I can be energetic and conver...

Bubbly Conversational Commercial
Starting at $100
Joe K.
English (African)
Top Rated 24h Delivery

My name is Joe, a professional actor and Swahili voice artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. I am also fluent in Eng...

Mature Warm Funny
Waceke W.
English (African)
United States
Top Rated 24h Delivery

Hi there! My name is Waceke and I’m a professional Kenyan-American voice actor located in North Carolina. My v...

Dynamic Conversational Warm
Cynthia K.
English (African)
Top Rated

Cynthia is an African Voice Over Artist from Kenya who speaks excellent English and Swahili and has over 10 ye...

Warm Authoritative Conversational
Ray M.
English (African)
Top Rated

Hi, my name is Ray. I am a Swahili and English voice artiste. I deliver a strong, warm, baritone male voice in...

Swahili Strong voice Corporate videos
Jamaldeen H.
English (African)

My name is Jamal and I am a Nigerian and African voiceover actor. An award nominated voice Talent with over ...

African Deep Natural
Andrew M.
English (African)

My name is Andrew and I’m a professional Swahili voice actor. I am a native Swahili speaker from Nairobi, Ken...

Commercial voice over
Stevy Daic N.
English (African)

Hi, I am Stevy, a native French-speaking and English voice talent with international and local (African accent...

Confident Conversational Natural
Jared J.
English (African)
United States

My name is Jared and I’m a professional International voice actor with a pleasant deep narration voice.

Deep Bassy Authoritative
Olalekan A.
English (African)

I'm Lekan, a deep-sounding African English voice talent with an urban Nigerian accent. I have a soothing barit...

Authoritative Warm Deep Voice
Egbekhuwa O.
English (African)
New Talent

I love a good story! Hey there! My name is Huwa and I am a professional West African voice actor located in Fr...

Poetic Sultry Softspoken
Raymond M.
English (African)

My name is Raymond I am a talented English (African) and Swahili Voice Over artist. I am passionate about voic...

War Authoritative Deep
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African English voice overs: what you need to know

The term African English refers to a number of different English language varieties that are spoken across the continent of Africa.

While English is a pluricentric language with different varieties (for example, British English and American English), there isn’t one “African English” variant.

English is the official language of many African countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, and Ethiopia.

To this day, the former African colonies of Britain use English as a lingua franca even if it’s not the official language of the country.

It’s estimated that in Africa, around 6.5 million are native African English speakers and another 700 million speak it as a second language.

Did you know:

The residents of Uganda are considered the most fluent English speakers on the continent.

Language History

The English language isn’t native to Africa, it’s a West Germanic language that originated in Northern Europe.

So how did this language find its way to Africa?

English was brought to Africa not so long ago — between 1881 and 1914 during the European colonization of Africa. During that time, The British Empire took control of almost one-fourth of Africa.

Many previously independent territories became British colonies — that’s when the language of the colonists started to spread in the new continent.

Naturally, the countries under a foreign administration had to adapt to new ways — legal systems, cultural influences, and language.

English is rooted deep in Africa. Even after the decolonization, the language of the colonists stayed and even became the official language of the newly formed democratic republics.

African English vs Other English Varieties: How Unique Is It?

Since African English isn’t a single variant of the language, many different varieties hide under this term.

It’s hard to compare African English as a whole to, let’s say, the American English variant.

All African English varieties are unique and have been strongly influenced by local indigenous languages.

The most noticeable feature of African English is a distinctive vocabulary that greatly differs from Standard English.

For example, the English that’s spoken in Uganda (oftentimes called Uglish) has different words for foods (macrons mean spaghetti), family members (cousin brother means cousin), and buildings (godown means basement) that are used in everyday informal speech.

Many of these locally used African English words have originated from native African languages of the region.

However, African English has been greatly influenced by other European languages that were brought to the continent during colonization.

Loanwords of French, Dutch, German, and Spanish origins can be found in all African English varieties.

Did you know:

English that’s spoken in South Africa takes the crown for the biggest number of loanwords. Only 30% of South African English vocabulary is native English.

Accents and Voice Over Tips

African English is spoken in the whole continent — from Egypt to South Africa.

A great number of regional varieties of African English exist. Therefore, each English-speaking African country has its own English dialect and regional varieties.

When it comes to pronunciation and accent, Southern African English accents are very similar to British English.

On the other hand, English varieties in the North have been more influenced by the indigenous languages of the country.

One thing you should pay attention to when recording an African English voice over is the unique vocabulary.

Make sure you know your target audience well — South African English vocabulary will be completely different from the ones used in Nigeria or Ghana.

In general, to determine what specific African English dialect is used, pay attention to the usage of local vocabulary — it will often give that away.



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