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How a Memorable Voice-Over can Enhance Your Brand

By Voice Crafters
Dec 6, 2015

Many people ignore the voice over acting in commercials and films; however, when performed correctly, a memorable voice over can enhance your brand. The first task is to create memorable voice-over work. The key to memorable voice over work is finding the right match of demographic and voice. To find the perfect speaker for your audience, ask yourself what is the age, ethnicity, and location of your demographic. Once you have figured out your demographic, it is easy to find the right voice to speak to it. A great example of this is pairing a Scottish man with a whisky distillery. Once memorable voice-over work is created, it can now enhance your brand. These are a few examples of how this is accomplished.

Creating an Identity

Logos and commercials offer a visual stimulus to customers, but adding voice-over builds an identity. The sound of a distinct voice sticks with customers longer than an image and helps create lasting memories.

Offering a Deeper Message

Some say a picture is worth one thousand words. The skills of a great voice actor deliver more than just a picture. They alter the tone and inflection of words and can add depth to any text. Voice acting adds nuances that are lacking in print advertisements. In return, more meaning is delivered per word, which will appeal to potential customers.

Set Yourself Apart

As more companies fight over new and existing customers, any advantage needs to be taken to separate your brand from its competitors. Great voice over work gives your product a voice. This will improve the visibility of the brand and ensure it will be chosen more often.

Deliver an Authentic Message

If the voice over work is memorable, then it will resonate with your audience. Using a professional voice artist can make your brand’s message more authentic and believable. This notion of authenticity can be accomplished easier through sound rather than print. Customers will back a brand if they believe that company is delivering an original message from the heart.

Conquer a New Market

More people are cutting the cords to their TV and consuming media online. As podcasts and other forms of audio media become more popular, the importance of voice-over work will continue to grow. In these mediums, the voice is the only way to get your message across. Great voice-work will help in brand identification and make your other forms of advertisement more powerful giving you company the edge over your competition.

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