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Welkom! Are you in the market for a great Dutch voice for your project?

Well, look no further because we have an awesome selection of some of the best native Dutch voice over artists on the web!

Our vetted narrators are versatile and have great voice acting skills for whatever project you throw at them, be it a TV commercial, an explainer video, an audiobook or a PRAM recording.

Our promise is to deliver pristine, broadcast-quality audio to make your project shine!

But that's not all...

We also provide post-production services such as SFX, sync to picture as well as mixing and mastering.

If you're localizing media from other languages, call on us for help in translation, subtitling and video editing. Of course, we support all audio and video formats.

Have a listen to the Dutch voice talents below and find the best match for your project using the search function. You can enter keywords like "casual", "sexy", "corporate" or others in the search bar to hone in your search.

Or you can drop us a line to let us know exactly what you're looking for and we'll find the perfect match for you!

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Christina D.

The Netherlands

Native Dutch female voice

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Mike K.

The Netherlands

I’m a professional Dutch voice-over / actor for more than 22 years. Very experienced in recording rt...

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Gerda V.

The Netherlands

With a warm, young voice and more than 10 years of experience I can provide a professional VO for co...

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Meina K.

German, Dutch

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Sylvia B.

The Netherlands

Dutch voice-overs and voice-response If you are looking to inform a target audience through Voice Re...

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Jeroen K.

The Netherlands

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Zeno G.

Dutch, English (Neutral)
The Netherlands

Professional native Dutch voice over since 1988 with over 30 years of professional experience.

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Hans V.

United States

I am honored and proud to work with clients on their audio and video projects and record daily in my...

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A Brief Background of the Dutch Language

The Dutch language is mostly spoken in the Netherlands, Suriname, and Belgium. However, Dutch is also relatively prevalent in Curacao, Aruba, France, and Saint Marten.

Over 28 million people speak Dutch as their first or second language. These speakers live in Western Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Africa.

There are even some people who live in Indonesia who rely on the Dutch language as their main form of communication.

Dutch is very similar to both the German and English languages, and is often considered a cross between the two.

The dialect, however, is not a sister language to either English or German. Dutch is easier to learn than German, as the phonetics do not use the Germanic umlaut or the complicated high Germanic consonant shift.

In political and economic systems, the Dutch language is found in Benelux, the Union of South American Nations, the European Union, and the CARICOM (Caribbean Community organization).

Classified as an Indo-European language from the West Germanic family, Dutch has many different dialects that are regionally based within the Netherlands.

The voice actors at Voice Crafters can use any of these dialects to help you reach a global audience. Contact us today for help on your next project

Dutch Voice Over Projects
Dutch Voice Over for Plus500 Trading App

This lively and engaging voice over for the Plus500 trading app was recorded by the talented Meina K.

Meina is a bilingual voice over artist, and she records in both Dutch and German.

To listen to more voice samples by Meina, visit her profile here.