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Hire Top Japanese Voice Over Artists

Kon'nichiwa (Hello)! Need to hire a native Japanese voice actor for your upcoming project? Look no further! Just listen to voice samples below and invite our voice artists to send you quotes.  Then simply choose the best fit for you and fund the job.  Your payment will be held securely until you get your files. Lastly, release your payment to the voice actor when you're happy with the end result. Learn more →

Hire Top Japanese Voice Over Artists

Kon'nichiwa (Hello)! Need to hire a native Japanese voice actor for your upcoming project? Just listen to voice samples below and invite our voice artists to send you quotes.  Then simply choose the best fit for you and fund the job.  Your payment will be held securely until you get your files. Lastly, release your payment to the voice actor when you're happy with the end result. Learn more →

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Natsuki T.
Top Rated Premium Talent

Natsuki is a highly experienced Japanese voice over artist with more than 20 years of experience. Worked for a...

Conversational Inspirational Authentic
Starting at $250
Toshi N.
Top Rated

A Japanese voice-over artist with 8 year experience. Has extensive experience in e-learning materials. Speaks ...

Friendly Cheerful Asian Accent
D Taichi S.
Top Rated

My name is D Taichi. I am a voice over artist in Japanese. voice actor & narrator. I appear in famous news...

暖かい Profound Thickness
Kenta S.
Top Rated

Kenta is a Japanese voiceover artist with professional training and years of experience in the acting industry...

Authentic Conversational Gentle
Akira K.
Top Rated

Hi, Thank you for your viewing my profile! I am a professionally trained voiceover talent with over 10 years o...

Versatile Energetic Authoritative
Masaya O.
United States
Top Rated

I’m a Japanese actor/voice artist based in New York. As a voice artist, I’ve worked for commercials, cartoons,...

Japanese Conversational Friendly
Kenichi T.
Top Rated

I am a Japanese voice over artist with 30 years of experience. My work consists of TV news programs, TV and ra...

Reliable Trustworthy Genuine
Koji N.
Top Rated 24h Delivery

My name is Koji, a professional bilingual voice actor. I was born in 1980, in Sendai City, northern part of Ja...

Friendly Trustworthy Young
Noboru O.

I'm a professional Japanese voice-over artist with over 20 years of experience based in Japan. I have been in...

Versatile Warm Reliable
Yuki C.

Hello! New sense speed star I ’m Yuki. I am active as a voice actor and voiceover artist in Japan. As a voice ...

Comfortable tempo Powerful Energetic
Akira I.
Top Rated

Akira has calm,deep HAL sort of voice to yoda karate master style boss voice. he can record with Japanese and ...

Calm Friendly Soft
Masashi F.
United Kingdom

Born in Japan. Speaks Italian and English.

Light and warm Natural speak Can be loud and shouty
Moichi S.

My name is Moichi and I’m a professional Japanese voice actor. I have been a narrator for more than 20 years f...

Warm Real Human
Haruki O.

Hello, my name is Haruki . I am a professional voice over artist in Tokyo, Japan. From my home studio, I have ...

Trustworthy Kindness Refreshing
Takuya T.

My name is Takuya. I’m a professional Japanese voice over artist. I have been working as a radio DJ over 10 ye...

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Listen to samples and invite voice actors to audition and quote for your project.
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Hire Talent
Hire your selected talent, fund project and communicate via our message board.
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Release Funds
Approve the recording and release funds for the talent when happy.

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Japanese voice overs: what you need to know

Japanese is an East Asian language, spoken by more than 127 million people worldwide. It’s estimated that 126 million people are native Japanese speakers, while an additional one million people speak Japanese as a second language.

Japanese is a national language only in Japan and Palau. However, there are prominent Japanese-speaking communities in Brazil, the US, and the Philippines to name a few.

Did you know:

Japanese is in the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. Currently, it ranks as the 8th most spoken language.

Language History

Japanese is the only modern language whose specific origins are not fully understood. Historians hypothesize that around 300 BCE the language of Korea was brought into Japan and mixed with the already existing local vernaculars.

The long history of the Japanese language is categorized into four periods: Old, Late Old, Middle, Early Modern, and Modern. The first known Japanese texts date back to the 8th century and mark the transition from Old Japanese to Late Old Japanese.

Modern Japanese retained many features of the older periods. Surprisingly, Old Japanese can be well understood by today’s speakers!

Close Relations

Japanese is rather unique – it’s not closely related to any known language. While its relationship with Korean is debated, the languages do have some similarities in terms of syntax, morphology, and some vocabulary. However, the Japanese language doesn’t have a close relative.

Despite popular belief, Japanese is not related to Mandarin Chinese. Yet, Japanese adopted the Chinese writing symbols in its written language.

Japanese vocabulary also contains many foreign loanwords. In modern Japanese, around 80% of borrowed words come from English. Loanwords of Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese origins are also common.

Did you know:

Japanese has not one, but three writing systems: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Kanji is the oldest writing system based on logographs, While the other two are simplified versions of it. Interestingly enough, all these writing variations are used together, even in the same sentence.

Accents and Voice Over Tips

Japan is the land of dozens of Japanese regional dialects. Most commonly, Japanese dialects are categorized into two groups: Western and Eastern.

The most prominent Eastern dialect is the Tokyo dialect – a dialect of the capital that acts as the basis of Standard Japanese. The second in line is the Western Kyoto dialect, widely spoken in the city of Kyoto and Western Japan.

When recording a Japanese voice over, keep in mind that Japanese has many grammatical features to express formality and politeness. That’s why knowing your target audience and the message you want to convey is crucial.

Words per minute

Japanese is a very fast-spoken language. In fact, studies suggest that Japanese might be the fastest-spoken language in the world. The average speed of spoken Japanese is about 7.84 syllables per second. It’s much faster than English – 6 syllables per second on average.

Naturally, the tempo of spoken Japanese will depend on the situation and specificities of the text.



Japanese Voice Over Projects

Japanese voice over for Silent Partner

The voice over for this entertaining promotional video for Silent Partner has been recorded by Voice Crafters in Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese.

This Japanese version was recorded by Masashi F.

Masashi is a seasoned Japanese voice over talent who also speaks Italian and English.

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