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Looking for native Korean voice over artists for your upcoming project?

Voice Crafters offer professional, vetted talents to really make your project shine!

Our personal customer experience and no-compromise attitude towards quality ensures you’ll get the best possible end-product.

Our Korean narrators have many years of voice acting experience and are ready to record any type of voice over you need, be it for explainer videos, a TV commercial, e-learning modules, IVR or PRAM prompts,  count on us for a perfect delivery!

And…there’s more!

Our end-to-end solutions also include the following pro services:

  • Professional Translations to and from Korean
  • Korean Subtitles
  • Audio Post-Production Services
  •  Video Editing and After-Effects

Listen to our Korean voice actors below and find your match through our search function. Fine-tune your results by adding specific voice traits like “warm”, “friendly”, “authoritative” in the search bar to find exactly what your project needs.

Not sure? Just contact us for more help and recommendations!

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Seungwon L.

Korean South Korea

Seungwon has very bright tone of voice and her voice suits on any narration or announcement etc.

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Jinhee H.

Korean South Korea

Her voice suits on almost every category such as narration, announcement and e-learning.

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Solmon P.

Korean South Korea

Solmon has very peaceful and calm voice suits almost every field.

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Chihwa J.

Korean South Korea

Chihwa is a native South Korean speaker with more that 10 years of professional voice over experienc...

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Moosung S.

Korean South Korea

Moosung is a great voice actor and also a stage actor. He acted main Character in the animation movi...

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Jaeseung B.

Korean South Korea

He has a deep and sonorous voice and it suits on variety of projects such as e-learning .

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Sina S. - professional Korean voice over talent at Voice Crafters
Sina S.

Korean South Korea

My name is Sina. I am an experienced voice-over artist in native standard Korean. I understand that ...

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A Brief Background of the Korean Language

The Korean language is the official language of both South and North Korea, and is recognized in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of China.

In total, there are more than 80 million people who speak Korean around the world.

A member of the Koreanic language family, it has few similarities to other Asian based languages.

Before the 15th century, the Korean language did not have its own writing system.

In these ancient times, the Korean language borrowed Chinese characters, known as Hanja, to create their written communications.

After the 15th century, the Korean aristocracy and nobles enforced the creation of their own written language, using the Hanja as a base.


Korean is noted as a minority language in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the People's Republic of China.

Korean is regulated by The National Institute of the Korean Language, The Language Research Institute of the Academy of Social Science, and the China Korean Language Regulatory Commission.

You'll find Korean speakers in Japan, Russia, and the United States, as a minority.

Our native Korean voice actors are ready to hit the “record” button for your next project. Contact us today!

Korean Voice Over Projects
Koren Voice Over for Solar Edge

Here is a localized video by Solar Edge, showcasing it’s three-phase inverter product.

The voice over for this product was recorded by Korean voice over talent Jaeseung B.

Jaeseung has a deep and sonorous voice which works great for a variety of projects such as e-learning modules, explainer videos, movie trailers and more.

Listen to more voice samples by Jaeseung here.

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