Voice Crafters is boutique voice over agency offering professional voice overs in any language you may need for your project.

Our client-base is varied and includes companies in high-tech, multimedia, advertising, translation and localization, manufacturing and many many others!

We pride ourselves in a personal and excellent customer experience.

Besides being polite, it means we are very much aware of how voice recordings (and audio in general) come at the end of the production cycle. So we always do our best to be very sensitive to client deadlines!

Our vetted voice actors are well-equipped to provide you with broadcast-quality voice recordings for your next project. Most of our projects are delivered within 24-48 hours.

Of course, every project is different and as such – requires a different style, a different tone and a different attitude.

Below you’ll find about just some of the different types of voice overs we produce. You can also dig deeper and see some of our work – for commercials, E-learningIVR, explainer videos, promo videos and more!


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Voice Overs for Commercials

voice overs for commercials - young lady on billboardWith the the Internet being a popular platform for advertising, the competition between different brands promoted via TV and radio increased, and so has the demand for professional voice overs for commercials.

An ad campaign for a product or service needs to be paired with a professional voice over to match its characteristics.

A radio spot for a huge sale at a retail clothing chain will usually sound very different from an ad promoting a perfume.

The former will usually fall into the “hard-sell” category, marketing the sale aggressively while conveying a sense of urgency.

In the perfume ad on the other hand, the voice actor will express the luxurious feeling associated with wearing it – using a more “delicate”, soft-sell approach.

So how do you choose the right voice talent for your ad campaign?

Variety – Opt for where you can choose from a large pool of talents. Every voice talent sounds different, so naturally having more options will enable you to find exactly what you’re looking for without compromising.

Audition – Have several voice artists that sound close to what you want record a piece of the script. This try-before-you-buy approach will enable you to hear the final product before committing to one voice actor.

Voice Overs for E- Learning

voice overs for-e-learning - young woman with laptopE-learning is a supplement and often an alternative to conventional, frontal teaching within organizations.

Through e-learning, organizations can maintain and preserve knowledge, and provide staff with information about their product or service, internal culture and anything else that is of importance – at an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Narration is often integrated into tutorials and training videos.

Adding a voice overs to an e-learning module helps students absorb information more efficiently, and dilutes the amount of on-screen text they are required to read. So why is it actually important to use a professional voice talent for e-learning products?

Several reasons:

Delivery – A professional voice talent will know how to record the material using the proper tone, diction, and a pace that is appropriate for learning.

Consistency – Since e-learning typically requires longer narration reads, unlike commercial voice overs for example, an experienced voice talent will be able to read the material more consistently. This is especially important when a series of e-learning modules are to be recorded.

Time – a pro would need less time to record a long module fluidly and seamlessly, simply because that is their profession. Using a non-professional will inevitably require more takes, resulting in inefficient use of expensive studio time, higher costs and possible delays in schedule.

Narration can be a significant part of a tutorial, and can make the difference between a professional and an amateur end-product.

When choosing a professional voice over talent to record the narration for your project, you are In fact telling your client you are not cutting corners.

Voice Overs for Promotional Videos

voice overs for promotional videos - socks inside canPromotional videos are essentially tools for promoting a new product, raising funds, increasing sales or introducing a company to new markets.

Whatever the need, a professional voice over is critical for the video to succeed.

Defining style and pairing the right voice will ultimately have the maximum effect.

Video production costs have come down a lot in recent years.

It has also become much cheaper to record and produce professional sounding results.

While that has lowered the barrier for entry to new voice talents, it hasn’t magically created professionals. It takes years for skilled narrators to hone their craft.

Given that a promo video is your company’s calling card, always trust the voice over to a professional over an overly-enthusiastic amateur.

Voice Overs for Explainer videos

Explainer videos are used a lot nowadays for introducing new products or services.

They usually serve two purposes: to market the new product or service, and to provide a top-level explanation of how to use it.

Explainer videos serve as a type of selling tool.

By showing the viewer how the product or the service solves a need, and the steps needed to get there on-screen, the viewer (hopefully) gets excited about the product / service and buys it.

Done right, a professional voice over can do quite a lot to engage your target audience and to entice them to buy.

Voice Overs for IVR

voice overs for ivr - young blond on her phone

Many times, your clients’ initial interaction with your company occurs when they call and engage with your IVR (Integrated Voice Response) phone system.

Besides considering the most efficient way to route your customers’ calls to the right party within your organization, have you given any thought to the impression they are left with?

Your clients inadvertently form an idea of your company’s profile. What impression would they get if the company receptionist or one of the staff members recorded the message? in a noisy room? while eating a bagel?

Using a professional voice over talent can make a huge difference, and leave the impression that the interaction is with a serious and professional firm.

While a client waits for human response, you have an excellent opportunity to market content about special promotions or new products and services.

A professional voice talent will be able to deliver these messages as if offering the promotion themselves!

In addition, due to the low audio quality of regular telephones, you want the recording quality to be of the highest standards!

Voice Overs for Audiobooks

voice overs for audiobooks - stack of booksAudiobook sales have surged phenomenally in the past few years.

It may be sheer laziness to read or (most likely) our busy lifestyle that has brought about a huge surge in this trend.

It comes as no surprise to learn that top CEOs read an average of 60 books a year, mostly for self-improvement, the majority of which come in audiobook form.

Novels and fiction material can also be “consumed” as audiobooks.

As you would imagine therefore, audiobook narration calls for a different set of skills to other commercial voice over projects and even to other acting jobs too. It requires a lot of discipline and an ability to record multiple sessions while maintaining the same consistency, as audiobooks can get quite long.

It’s also a labor of love.

Just 1 hour of a finished audiobook can take around 6 hours to create, with 1 hour spent pre-reading it to understand pronunciations and roughly 2 hours of that time used to read the text; and that’s how long it takes an experienced professional who knows how to get through the whole process efficiently. A beginner is more likely to take forever!

Voice Overs for PRAM

voice overs for pram - lady watching over from plane windowVoice overs for airlines, predominantly referred to as PRAM (Pre-Recorded Announcements and Music), is the term used for the audio being transmitted in passenger aircrafts.

Paging systems for aircrafts are used primarily for making announcements and for background music.

A paging system amplifier usually transmits audio using one channel (mono), but it can be connected to multiple output loudspeakers.On modern planes you will more likely watch a video on the seatback screen in front of you, and listen to the audio on your headphones.

Voice actors recording voice overs for airlines are trusted with not only advising passengers of safety issues, but also delivering the airline’s message to its customers.

Therefore, delivery style instructions are very specific.

While it’s important to get the safety messages across, airlines understand that it’s as important to keep passengers relaxed and engaged.

This can be a bit o a balancing act, but professional voice artists have the skills to ensure that you know where to find your life vest and that you know to take care of your own oxygen mask before your children’s.

And they do all this in a calm and reassuring manner.

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